Error code Error / Protection
E0 Protection of voltage too high / too low
E1 Indoor room temp sensor error
E2 Indoor coil temp sensor error
E3 Outdoor coil temp sensor error
E5 Protection when outdoor coil temp is over high
E6 Protection of Evaparator freezing in cooling mode, or Over heat in heating mode.
E7 Indoor motor error
E8 Inverter moudule signal error
E9 Inverter moudule error
Eb Compressor discharged pipe sensor error.
Eb Protection when the temp of compressor discharged pipe is over high
Error code Error / Protection
E1 Condenser Coil Sensor (outdoor sensor – red plug)
E2 Evaporator Sensor Error (indoor sensor – white plug)
E3 Evaporator Fan Motor failure
PCB faulty or failure
E4 Re-gas unit R410a – gas leak
Compressor not starting up – capacitor faulty
Compressor burnt out

T's & C's apply
E & OE