MacLaren Air Pro Unit specifications

The MacLaren Air Pro unit is a leading Medical Grade Air Purifier that removes viruses from the air. It has an effectiveness rate of up to 99.96%.

This compact unit can be used in almost any room! It's utilisation includes (but is not limited to) medical practices, dental surgeries, hospital rooms, nursing homes, retirement villages, classrooms, banking malls and restaurants. The unit is also able to remove mould and pollen from the air, making the environment much healthier and safer.

The multi filtration technology used in the MacLaren Air Pro unit eliminates viruses and bacteria from the air and filters extremely fine particular matters from the air by 99.98% (PM2.5). It is a cost effective, low maintenance unit. Filters can be reused after cleaning/washing. This helps in keeping maintenance costs to a minimum for the first three years of running.

The above-mentioned data is indicative and subject to change without notice.

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